Audrey Hepburn Pocket Watch / Necklace

Gorgeous Audrey Hepburn photo with a clear glass dome seals on top. A very pretty accessories as pocket watch, necklace or vanity table decoration. It has a mirror attached inside.

*Audrey's hair and cloth has image reflection of my camera. Hair and cloth black colour are darker in real item.

Chain Length: 80.5cm,  Pendant: 4.3cmx3.0cm

RM 39.90 (with Made in Japan battery) Special RM 34.90 now
RM 31.90 (without battery) Special RM 26.90 now

Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate Bookmark (Customizable)


Customize your own wordings :D
No matter what happen, Keep Calm and Stay Pretty :D 
Do let me know if you would like to have keychain/necklace version.
Material: Silver tone bookmark/charms, plastic bead and image is covered with resin sticker.
RM 10.90

Keep Calm Bookmark (Customizable)

 Customize your own wordings and 2 pendants design available to choose!
No matter what happen, Keep Calm and Stay Pretty :D 
Do let me know if you would like to have keychain/necklace version.

Material: Antique brass-plated bookmark/pendant, chinese crystal beads, resin rose and image is covered with resin sticker.
RM 10.90
RM 9.90 (without rose)

Paris Star Necklace


Material: Antique brass-plated chain & charms, Resin flower and Swarovski light pink pearl 6mm.
Eiffel tower length 2cm 
RM 9.90

Believe in Miracle Necklace

* Saw this aeroplane charm in my collection and immediately MH370 comes to mind :( 
I hope we can find them soonest possible and there is miracle...  

Material: Antique brass-plated chain & charms.

-chain length 67cm, aeroplane length 3.8cm
RM 10.00
-bookmark version available 

 Sold but remake available :)

Blue Rose Bookmark

Material: Antique silver-plated bookmark/charms, resin rose and chinese crystal bead.

RM 10.90

Fly to You Bookmark

Material: Antique brass-plated bookmark/charms, and resin flower.
-flower real colour is fuschia pink/hot pink.
RM 10.90

Grace From Above Bookmark

Material: Antique brass-plated bookmark/charms, and glass bead.

RM 10.90

Merry Xmas Bookmark

Material: Antique brass-plated bookmark/charms, resin rose, chinese crystal and acrylic beads.

RM 10.00
Sold but remake available :)

Anchor Bracelet

Material: Antique Silver Charm, Woven cotton cord. (Adjustable length).

RM 4.90

Cutie Cupcake Bracelet

Material: Glass Beads, Cupcake charm, Silver-plated Chain (Adjustable length).

RM 10.90

Ivory Roses Bracelet

PS:  I'm back : ) Will post new handmade on 4 Oct 2013.


Material: Shell Beads, Chinese Crystal Beads, Glass Beads, Resin Rose, Antique Silver-plated beads, Silver-plated beads cap, Silver-plated Base (for rose), , and Silver-plated Chain (Adjustable length).

RM 13.90

Strawberry Cookies Bracelet

Material: Polymer Clay Cookies, Swarovski Pearl and Silver-plated Chain.

RM 12.90
Sold but remake available :)

Blue Aura Bracelet

Material: Glass Lampwork Beads, Teardrop Chinese Crystal, Round Chinese Crystal, Antique Silver-plated Base (for rose), Resin Rose, and Silver-plated Chain/Love Toggle Clasp.

RM 15.90

The White & Pink Necklace

Material: Silver-plated silver chain/spacer beads, and glass bead.
RM 10.90

Beauty Audrey Bookmark (Custom Made Available)

    " The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way  she combs her hair - Audrey Hepburn"

Material: Antique brass-plated bookmark/pendant frame, resin rose and chinese crystal. The picture is coated with clear lacquer.
RM 10.90
 Sold but remake available :)
**Finally Customization is available ! You can put your favourite quote, name, photos, etc. Besides, the frame can be made for Necklace, Bracelet & Keychain. Just e-mail me a copy of the picture that you would like to put in the frame :) For more details pls e-mail me at

Balinese Dazzle Bracelet

Material: Antique brass-plated chain/toggle clasp/bead, and pink gemstones.

RM 14.90
Sold but remake available :)

Paris Blue Theme Keychain

Material : Silver-plated ring/chain, Antique silver-plated Eiffel Tower Charm/Love Charm, Blue/white chinese crystal bead, Blue Heart Arcylic Bead, Blue Resin Rose
* If you would like to have other colour theme, do let me know !
RM 6.90
Length of Eiffel Tower charm: 3 cm, Rose: 1 cm

Blue Candy Earring

Material : Silver plated earwire, rhodium plated chain, blue glass bead, white chinese crystal

RM 7.50